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My name is Cori and thank you so much for stopping by! 
So about me.. I actually do not ever talk about myself so this feels weird but hey, let's do it!!
Who am I? 
I am a wife to an amazing husband and mother to two sweet little boys! They are my world and I am so lucky God has blessed my family.  I am extremely thankful for every day and the little things in life. 
What do I like? 
 I love the outdoors and nature.. If I am not shooting a wedding on the weekend you can find me at our cabin in the Sierras.  There is no Tv, no  Facebook, IG, snapchat or internet in general... Just the beauty of the Forest, Mountains and sounds of the creeks to entertain you. It somehow gives me so much peace to see the world this way. We live in a big hustle and bustle world and stepping ouside of that to see the beauty in the earth alone is just something that constantly inspires my soul and creativity.
Before photography I actually lived out of the country in Roatan. It’s a small little island where I met my husband who is from Panama while he was also living there. We fell quick in love and knew right away it was meant to be. We soon traded in our day jobs and became scuba diving instructors. Spent our days roaming the bottom of the ocean. It was beyond an amazing experience.   That is where I began my love for photography. Starring at the gorgeous views and underwater creatures each day I wanted to capture it and remember this time in our lives forever. I began teaching myself the in depths of exposure, apreture and photography. Every chance I could I studied and took workshops until I knew it like the back of my hand.  Once I felt I had enough experience I knew I wanted to do this for life.  Capture the best moments so people could relive them over and over just felt right. We decided to pack up our bags and move back to California and start our family and my business.  The week I got back I took on my first client and haven’t looked back. It’s been a crazy and magically ride but I couldn’t ask for a better one to be on.  

Photo credit: Kris Turner

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